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I now grow mainly herbs and peppers. I've grown tomatoes, and had a peach tree at the old house.

In Texas, the main problem I had growing tomatoes was birds pecking holes in them. I had to keep netting over my plants. Same with my peach tree. But, I had a big yard back then, so no big deal.

I use raised gardens for my pepper plants. I water every day in the hot summer months, and the soil drains well. I use Scott's garden soil. It stays moist, but not wet.

Other than my basil, my herbs are almost maintenance free. Peppers are pretty easy, too.

You mentioned "hot." If your days get over 95, and your nights stay over 80, you may have problems getting tomatoes and peppers to set fruit during that time of summer. The plants will grow well, and flower, but the flowers will not turn into fruit.

One neat trick I employ is getting those foam pots that look like decorative clay posts, and cut the bottoms off, and partially bury them in the ground. I cut them at an angle, so they "tilt" in odd directions. It gives me a few "mini gardens" to plant herbs and decorative plants in. I have them randomly placed in the part of my yard "paved" with decomposed granite. It works, and I like the look.

Oh, I also want to warn you about mint. As Jason said, it is VERY invasive, so keep it well isolated.
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