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Originally Posted by javahog2002 View Post
My experience is that this in not true. When I load my cooker with 6 - 7lb butts, it takes a lot longer to cook them than 1 - 7 lb butt.
You are comparing 6 butts to 3 butts. Of course it will take a lot longer for 6 butts to cook than 1. You have a lot less hot air circulating the cooking chamber when you pack in 5 more pork butts into it, as well as a considerably more mass trying to raise in temp. Try putting in 3 pork butts vs the timing of 1 pork butt and it does not extend cook times to where it takes "a lot" longer to cook than 1 7lb butt.

In my mini I can cook a single 8lb pork butt in about 8hrs. When I put a second 8lb pork butt in the mini it takes me about 8.5-9hrs. I dont consider adding in 30mins-1hr time a lot more time too cook.
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