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Originally Posted by kconn04 View Post
So I'm planning on following these plans for my build,, but I had a question about the exhaust. He says he cut holes for 3 exhaust holes but ends up capping off 2 of them. So do I really need to cut 3 holes or can i just have the one hole with the ball valve on it?

I read many threads on this subject myself before I built mine, including this one (well i read about the first 50 or so pages then scanned the rest). I ended up going real simple for my first build and followed this thread:

As for your holes, I assume you meant intake not exhaust. Most everyone has 2 or 3 intake holes and caps off all but 1 when cooking most of the time. The idea is that the extra 2 holes help bring the UDS up to temp when starting, then when up to temp they are capped and the 3rd normally has some sort of valve to fine tune the temp. On occasion when higher temps are needed one or two of the intake holes can be un-capped.
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