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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by code3rrt View Post
Outta this world girl! That is simply over the top, If that doesn't make you drool then nothing will.

Thanks for sharing Jeanie.
My to try list is yet another item longer, lol.
Thank you Code3!!

Originally Posted by FamilyManBBQ View Post
Dang Jeanie! I'm a married man...but I'd sure LOVE for you to make me breakfast!
lol Thanks FamilyMan, I would be happy to make breakfast for you!

Originally Posted by Freddy j View Post
Cowgirl, I've now seen several of your cooks and not only does the food look amazingly appetizing, but the plate presentation really increases the desire to taste.

Where does one obtain a fatty piston? Also, I looked into the stainless drums a while back (very $$$) but your custom grate knocks it outta the park!

Great thread, thx for sharing pics!
Thank you Freddy! The stainless piston was from a friend in Germany. They are easy to make using pvc though... I've posted how I made mine on my blog.
I love the BPS drum.. really have enjoyed it. Also I love the grate too! It came from Brethren Matt and Myer Metal Works.

Thanks again Freddy!

Originally Posted by Quint View Post
Holy moly that is a work of art very very nice!!! I'd love to give that a go but can only imagine the mess I'd make of it, would probably end up potato, sausage, and bacon hash lol
lol Hash sounds great!! Thanks Quint.

Originally Posted by Texas Turtle View Post
I just found my next fatty attempt. BTW, how long do you smoke the thing in order to get the bacon to crisp up?
Thank you Texas Turtle! This one smoked for about 4 hours. Once the middle starts reaching the 165F goal I like to bump the heat up a bit to help the bacon. I'm not fond of limp or rubbery bacon, I like it crisp.
Thanks again...
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