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Originally Posted by Freddy j View Post
3. Is the PBC much different from an ugly drum (I like the drums, but don't really care to build one and the PBC is a great price at $225 shipped).
It's pretty much a slightly smaller UDS with set air vents (adjustable, but i think it requires a screwdriver), and it utilizes the hanging meat which you could do on a self build uds or even on a wsm. This comes already assembled and there's no fuss with making it. The hanging meat and the preset air vents seem to make it fairly idiot proof. The hanging thing also seems to cook a lot of cuts more evenly.

Originally Posted by Freddy j View Post
4. Is it worth having a 22.5" wsm AND a PBC and a mini wsm?
A lot of guys on here have both uds's and wsm's and a few have both wsm and pbc's. You could always hang your meats on your wsm or uds though. Another alternative would be just to to remove the water pan from your wsm.

Originally Posted by Freddy j View Post
5. Can you grill a burger on the PBC?
Yes you could, but I would stick with a kettle, WGA, or SJ for direct grilling.

Originally Posted by Freddy j View Post
2. If you prefer not to use hooks, could you add a second grate?
If you don't want to use the hooks ever, I wouldn't get a PBC. But the grate can be used as you would on a regular uds/wsm.

I personally would like to see a temperature guage and a slightly more easily adjustable air intake (with a marking to show the preset opening so that it can be easily returned to the original opening. The former of the 2 would likely either increase cost too much or would be poor quality.
I don't own one, but I've checked it out and I'm pretty sure that all my statements are accurate.
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