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Originally Posted by jrn View Post

Grilling24x7- Dont sweat it. From what i can gather, the rust inhibitor is a normal step during manufacturing process. Looks like all barrels get it. Personally I'd take it apart and burn it out. Just remember if you ever want to take the paint off a lid, use a angle grinder with wire wheels and/or cup brushes. The heat from a fire or torch will warp the lid.

Plus burning is free vs paying to have it sandblasted. Some businesses will give you their old and broken pallets. 2 or 3 is plenty.
Thanks man. I just found a pallet source so I think I can get 4 of them for 2 drums to burn out. My buddy and I will do this on Saturday. Hopefully we'll be able to get the burn done, get a quick wire brush scrub, an acetone wipe down and a quick coat of paint on before the day ends. We really only have one day to knock this out..

Unless the sandblasting quote comes back real real cheap we'll go through with this burn out.

We actually already burned out the lids. We learned the hard way. We used a propane torch (i.e., cheap Chinese made third degree burn death torch) and burned the hell out of the lids. In fact we did warp one of them but luckily bent in back to a tight seal on the drum (total luck). We were so pissed off from the burning lid process we decided "why are we burning these new unlined drums? the guy said they have nothing in them." Well, the drum salesman assumed we were burning out and didn't mention rust inhibitor.

Anyway - thanks!

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