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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thanks so much for the kind comments everyone!

Originally Posted by PatAttack View Post
Making me hungry, Jeanie! That new phattie piston is a work of art!

How can we get one?
Thanks Pat!! Not sure how to get a stainless one. I asked my German friend awhile back and he thinks the cost of shipping would make them too pricey. Probably easier to find someone here to make one.
The pvc ones are really simple to make!

Originally Posted by willowrun View Post
Looks tasty! You wouldn't put on any cooking schools I could send my wife to would ya? :D (dont tell I said that )

sent via pony express
lol Thanks Willowrun..

Originally Posted by I like Bigbutts View Post
I am SOOOOOOOO jealouse of that fattie "packer".....where do you get them Jeanie
Thanks Bigbutts! I made my pvc one but the stainless came from Germany.

Thanks again everyone!! You're a kind group of friends.

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