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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Originally Posted by flyingbassman5 View Post
Best advice anyone gave me about cooking on an offset...DITCH THE FARKING CHARCOAL BASKET!!!

Build a real fire on the charcoal grate in the firebox. Light a chimney of charcoal and lay it down as a base layer then add 2 or 3 small splits of your wood of choice. If you don't have splits. Add 2 chimneys of charcoal and then place wood chunks on top. Works like a bad habit.
Thanks for the tip. I have been fighting temp problems in my SFB unit, and I did make a charcoal basket, as others said it was the way to go. Well, gonna pull it the next smoke and see what gives just using the SFB grate and light the fire as suggested above....
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