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Default Chuck Roast

Planning on cooking my first chuck roast today as well as my first smoke while at work. Heading home around 2:00pm for my lunch which is an hour. It is a 10 mile drive each way which gives me about 40 minutes to get the smoker fired up, TBS and meat on. This could be a challenge. I have the charcoal chimney loaded, smoker loaded. I figured that instead of the usual 10 briqs I would fire around 20 to help the smoker get up to temp faster. Any other tips to help get the smoker up to temp and stabilized within 40 minutes? lol

I was going to try and prepare the chuck roast like a traditional roast w onions and potatoes (golden yukons). Once I get the chimney started the plan was to prepare the broth (onions,whole potatoes, french onion soup mix and a little beef stock) in a aluminium pan covered with foil. The beef would go on at the same time but exposed to the smoke. Once I get home I planned on checking the meat and once it hits 165 put it in the broth.

Do you all typically do the potatoes and onions this way, if not how do you prepare them? I was concerned that by the time I get home which will be about 2 to 3 hours after putting them on the smoker they will be over cooked?

Wish me luck guys.. I am a little nervous about this cook.
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