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I routinely vac pac & freeze BBQ for up to a couple months (cause I have a bad habit of cooking more than my crew can eat at one sitting). I would go ahead and pull it before freezing, but I try to leave pieces a little on the larger side. John Bowen hit the mark, add a little apple juice, either to the vac bag or when you warm it up. I warm in a foil or SS 1/2 pan with a 3/8x3/8 grid rack to keep the meat off the bottom and about a 1/2-1 cup of apple juice, sealed tight with foil in a 225 oven. I like BigBellyBbq's idea of the crock pot, going to try that! Only problem I've ever had was with fine chopped carolina style - turned to a nasty mush in the freezer & reheat.
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