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I think anyone in here would agree... your start on this project should be a look at my "Chili Sauce" series or "Orangish Sparkles" and then a PM to me personally.

If you do not... you can expect to see me again right after your script is bought or made into a reality as I have had one lying around for years.

Sorry to sound egotistical... but really... the concept I have is so hilarious... I'd only share it officially with another writer. I say another writer because I write professionally under E. Donnie Thomas.

I will also add that the original "Popdaddy" concept in 2004-2006 (which was going to be animated) was taken so seriously Kevin Smith's production company was actually interested and I got to see him for a meeting. He was extremely excited until he got a letter from Londell MacMillian, Prince's attorney and any further discussion about the project had to end. Kevin has been in trouble with Prince before.

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