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Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
We have rats in SE Texas and Southern Louisiana that are bigger than some dogs -- easily 20 pounds. We used to shoot them for target practice in the marsh lands near Port Arthur (yes, we have one, too).

Some people actually eat them. We just threw the dead nutria rats in the water for the gators to eat. No laws protecting them. Even PETA doesn't care if you kill them, as far as I can tell.

I wonder if they are related to the big rats in Thailand.

Kinda sorta. Little nutria bastards are closer related to capys and porcupines if memory serves. They're also called coypu, if you wish to google their asses or anything. I remember running across them in some swamps a few times. You probably already know, but in case you don't they're an import from South America! And they're EVIL for North American plant life! Downright ruining some areas with their eating habits.
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