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Default All day smoke (pics)

OK, so over the weekend I had the smoker running all day and did a brisket, ribs, and salmon. I have some pics below and would appreciate it any advice. This was the first brisket I did, so I kept the temp around 250 in my BWS Chubby. I used two larger pieces of hickory (pic 1 for placement before I covered with briquets).


When I tested the temp at 4 hours it was around 175 depending on the place. So I took it out and wrapped it in foil. Seemed like it was cooking a little fast. It was 7.5 pounds. USDA Choice from Costco.


I pulled it at about 7 hours when the temp hit 200 and I let it rest for 30min still wrapped.



It was OK. I'd say it was smoky and tender in places, but overall not as moist and tender as a good one should be. I used briquets and the water pan always had water. I added some briquets during the smoke, unlit on top. Others have said this is fine, but the briquets smoke a bit when they light up, does that affect the meat?

I also started the ribs in the smoker and I did a 3-2-1. Cut the ribs in half to fit in the chubby. I also kept it at 250 degrees. I used apple wood...the hickory was done from earlier.


photo 1.jpg

Again, these were tender. Seems like 6 hours was a lot and I'd appreciate any recipes you'd recommend. I just did basic salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. When I wrapped I added apple cider. And then for the last hour I just brushed on honey mixed with apple vinegar and some pepper.

Was a fun day having the smoker running all day. Also curious about when folks put on more briquets during the smoke. Seems like you don't want to add them too often or soon, but you want enough of the first batches' remnants to ignite them.

Oh and here's a shot of the salmon. I followed someone's "Easter Smoked Salmon" recipe on this board. Soaked in rum, then a 4 hour salt cure. Very good.

photo 2.jpg
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