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Originally Posted by Ole Man Dan View Post
My dad was an old time butcher, so I grew up with good knives and wooden butcher blocks.
On cutting boards...
I've got one cutting board that I made from a 2"X12", not fancy, but it was sanded then oiled, let it seep in, then oiled again. Several times over It was oiled and it's like an old trusty friend. I clean it, and oil it before I put it up. I've had it for about 40 years or so.

Buy a quality knife, clean it yourself, by hand, then put it up.
I have a whole drawer of old junk knives for others to use.
I sharpen them too.

I have 1/2 dozen Meat Cleavers in different sizes and shapes. They don't get much use now a days.
Still great for butchering an occasional deer or hog.

I don't have much use for plastic cutting boards or the paper thin cutting mats lots of folks use no a days.

Most old fogies seem to rely on real knives, wooden cutting boards,
Cast Iron cookware ect... Not to mention Old trucks, 12Ga. shotguns, and 1911 pistols. (Guilty on all counts)

I love my Colts !!!

Shot the Commander a good bit today, in fact.

Met some buddies at one o their houses and smoked some wings and shot quite a few rounds, too.

Left the Gold Cups at home, though. Can't afford to keep them fed, too.

Checked the zero of my main deer rifle. All was well.

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