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Default details and prep

I've wanted to make this post for some time , and mod's , if this is the wrong place , pls. advise. I love to grill and smoke. Nothing is more relaxing to me than a nice day of sunshine , a cold brew , and watching the smoke curl up from my grill. BUT--and here's my point! I love PREP. Am i the only one who enjoys slicing , dicing , and cutting , utilizing FINE cutlery? I have recently begun compiling a collection of Viking knives. They are beautifully made and sharp> I have Hinkles(Sp.) and chic. cutlery, and most recently a knife named after Joyce Chen. It looks like a cleaver , but they point out that it is a knife , NOT a cleaver. Simple , but sharp!I love knives and collect hunting knives as well. I love using them in food prep. Anyone else? Just curious , and thanks Doug
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