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I have cook on my egg for several years. I think you are taking a very ineffective approach. One of the big benefits of the ceramic cookers is to not open it during the cook. This maintains a nice moist environment.

My advice: Mix some wood chunks ( fist size) in your lump, light with minion method, then as temp comes up, start shutting down the vents. As stated above, you do not want to overshoot, let it come up gradually. This will also help preheat you chunks so they'll burn cleaner. Don't overly worry if the smoke is blue or white, you just don't want it billowing. After meat is on, leave the cooker closed! This is where a remote therm comes in handy. You want to cook based on the grate temp, and you can know when to start probing for tenderness. I think 190 is a good temp to start trying it, then after that, forget the temp and go by feel.

Hope that helps. Remember, keep it simple. And with the ceramic cooker, you are controlling temp with air flow, not fire size. Completely different from a stick burner.
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