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Originally Posted by nucornhusker View Post
Load up your KJ with charcoal and start a small fire with some small wood chunks mixed in. I can hold a low and slow smoking temp in my KJ for a loong time. I would say at least 16-20 hours on a load. And I would still venture to guess it could go for longer on one lone (I've never tested how long it would go).

For me after cooking butts for briskets for 10-12 hours, I still have plenty of lump left.
About how many pieces of lump are you throwing in? I've done this in the past, and it did smoke for a long, long time, but it was mostly gray/white smoke.

To the question above this post, I probably start with 12 to 14 good-sized pieces of lump. Most of it's entering extreme ash phase after 3 to 5 hours (to the point where I must add more fuel or else temps will plummet).
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