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I smoke on a Kamado Joe (about to switch out for an offset stick burner). On it, I run lump wood as the fuel, using smoking wood throughout the cook for flavor. For brisket, I use cherry/oak or cherry/hickory.
- In terms of fuel, I've found that hotter/smaller fires in the Kamado produce a much more consistent blue smoke. So, I typically load it with enough lump to hold a consistent temp for 3 hours, then after 3 hours remove the brisket/put it in the oven for a few minutes at the same temp the Kamado was running, introduce more lump to the Kamado, let it get up to temp, throw on more smoking wood and then put the brisket back onto the grill. I could see this being an issue, especially with ovens and smokers cooking totally differently, but if I throw too much lump into the Kamado it cooks wayyyyy too hot, forcing me to squelch it which ultimately produces tons of gross smoke. It's a battle of two evils here.
With my egg,(very similiar to your kamado), you can burn lump for several hours with out having to remove the meat and then replace it.
I try to load the lump, start a small fire and let the temp build slowly, this can take a half hour. Try to not over shoot the temp. Once your fire is going you should be good for the entire cook.
I recommend you achieve good control over the kamado before you switch to a stickburner. :)
Control of your cooking enviroment is the first step to a great product.

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