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Originally Posted by zachg18 View Post
Those are all good's what I was actually thinking so far:

Will Ferrell: Plays a really mean older man named Butterscotch who doesn't really talk to anyone...that is until they find out they have to create a team for the World Cue Off and he's forced to join up with several other local "outcasts". He also mines his own coal...

Danny McBride: Plays T.F. McCoy (T.F. stands for Texas Forever, not what you may have thought....) as the main character and he more or less sucks at barbecuing because he spends all his time focusing on grilling Hamburgers (which he's good at), and which will end up being the tie-breaker in the World Cue Off. He claims that people don't give the Hamburger enough credit and that it's much harder to 'Cue than people think. He's never won Grand Champion, but he gets on Butterscotch's team for the World Cue Off, along with Tubberville and Guy Cocksworth...

Nick Swardson: Plays T.F.'s best friend Tubberville...the two are practically a team.

Melissa McCarthy:Plays Barbie Q. Williams...her and her team of Garth and Cactus are the most recent Grand Champions and also the team to beat...she and T.F. do NOT get along.

Cary Elwes: Plays Guy Cocksworth, an EXTREMELY wealthy man who has the most fancy bbq equipment and talks with an unnecessary British accent. He used to be good at barbecuing but has struggled recently since his father passed away.

Sam Elliot: Funny you mention him because I was thinking of using him for the role of Tabasco Sanfield. He's the old bbq veteran who "dang near won every competition he ever took part in"...he doesn't compete anymore because it's just too easy for him, but he's still the most respected person amongst the barbecue community...he'll also end up being T.F. McCoy's uncle...

Sascha Baron Cohen: As the leader of the Pakistani team..

Ken Jeong: As the leader of the Chinese team...

Craig Robinson: As the leader of the Russian team...yes, he's black..."Sweet lord it's a commie negro!"...

Anyway those are just some of the famous actors I had in mind. There's a lot I can do with this script and I'm already about 60 pages in. My only issue was trying to find a way to make the actual part where the bbq as interesting and exciting as possible...
I am curious. Have you actually spent time at a BBQ competition? Doing that as well as watching shows like Pitmasters will give you much better insight as to the unique subculture.
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