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Default What Kind Of Wood Is This?

I have a bunch of wood in my garage that I got from my Dad's woodpile after he passed away. All I have to go on is the bark, not sure what I have here. I live in Ontario, Canada.

There is some pine in the wood but I think these 2 are hardwoods:

closer shot of type 1:

and a side profile of type 1:

closer shot of type 2:

and a side shot of type 2:

I spoke to my brother-in-law who was around when Dad did the cutting and stacking of the wood and he thinks type 1 is ash and type 2 is apple. I just looked on google images and think he has it wrong.

What I am planning to do is burn whichever wood I am going to use in my fireplace then use the coals in my offset smoker. There is some mold and or mildew on some of this wood so I will not use it for smoking raw.

I know I do not want any conifer tree wood to use at all and do not think what I have is that at all - but I cannot be sure. The wood seems very dense and heavy.

Any help at all wood be appreciated.

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