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Default Brisket (aka unicorn meat)

How can I say this in the easiest way possible... HELP!

I've cooked nearly 15 briskets in my short smoking lifetime (only been at it for 8 months), and I've ruined pretty much every single one. I've read threads, watched videos (I really enjoyed Franklin's youtube series), read books, etc. and I still can't seem to figure out this cut of meat.

Early on my problems were rooted in inconsistent fire temps. Once I leveled those out, I was hitting the brisket with too much smoke. Now that I've adjusted for that, I can't seem to figure out when the little buggers are finished cooking. Last weekend I pulled too early relying solely on internal temps, this week I used the internal temp as an indicator but attempted to use the "hot butter" test with the probe for a final read. Sadly I miscalculated because the brisket was way over done during slicing (crumbly). Heck, I've even done the (forget the posters name - Phunk maybe?) of cooking the flat in tin foil in the oven just to know what a "good brisket" should taste like.

If anyone has any advice, please drop some knowledge on me. If it's one of those, "you'll have to keep farking up till you get it," then I'll just keep doin what I'm doin. I starting to believe I know what I'm supposed to be doing, but somehow I don't know how to do it.
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