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OK. These are all funny moments to have in the movie, but the most important thing is that the movie has to be a movie first.

I'd have snippets of nearly everything mentioned above, but there has to be a story in there.

The obvious one would be to have the main character be something of an outsider to the world of competitive bbq. Foreigner/Convict that cooks with prison food ingredients/Vegan with conflicting interests, etc. The problem is that this is obvious and played out.

With the reality-tv wave of the past 10+ years becoming the bulk of our entertainment, i'd recommend going to a fake documentary style thing - follow 3-4 teams of equally strange but very different people as they go through the season. This would be great.

Have one of the teams be a major re-occuring champion who is a dick.
Have a squeaky clean bible belt couple who does everything together as team #2.
Team 3 could be just some drunk hillbilly dudes who pound moonshine and act moronic,
Team 4 could be a nice normal farker who lost his job and now really "needs this".

It's a pretty standard mock-umentary style - but it's always good if you have the right people.

Watch "Best In Show" - shoot for something like that.
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