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Found some matches.
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Wow! What an awesome thread. I've read roughly 50 pages with the intent of reading it all eventually. I plan on finishing mine in the next 2 weeks, time
permitting. I have a couple questions, the answers to which I am sure I will eventually come across, but I would like to build this thing before next year. So here goes.

1. Does it matter if I use 1/2 or 3/4 inch intakes?

2. 3 or 4 intakes? I would rather have 3

3. I want to have the ball valve on a 1ft riser, just to be able to see inside the ball valve. Will this work, and has anyone seen a difference between ball valve on a riser vs. at the bottom of the drum?

4. My plan is to use 2" conduit that is 6" long for an exhaust stack with a magnet for control. Does this sound ok?

Once again, I have been looking for all these answers, and found some great info, but it seems I could spend days looking through millions of opinions. Thanks again for any help!
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