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One more thing.
Rubbed with sm cherry, kosher salt and corse pepper. Injected with apple juice, soy sauce, wosthcher sauce, white sugar, table salt. Wrapped the night before with plastic so the injection would hold in. Seemed to work well. So happy with the results!!! Thanks again for all your help. I never could cook anything like this without the help of the brethren on this sight!!! If your not a a member and just a lurker. Join up, and buy a subscription for the year and enjoy the benefits that come with being a member here!!! You want to know how to q right? What you waiting for? It's time to join and you will get the the best help in BBQ then anyplace you can go.

I woke up to the smell of BBQ and I said to myself, self,
I hope the EPA don't catch wind of this

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