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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Bro, I'm all good with you. I have no ill will or malice. I'm just a BBQ buff who has to go with the facts as they are presented by history.

My grandmother is one of the only two matriarchs of the Patawomeck tribe here in VA. Her lineage goes back to the sister of Pocahontas. You know, the one who betrayed her to the English?

In fact, if anyone can show that they are the child or grandchild of my grandmother, they are admitted into the tribe with no other questions asked.

So, I think that pretty much settles it. You can read more here -

I'm like you, bro! I love BBQ. No matter where it originated and no matter where it's cooked, if it's good, I'm a fan. But, I also like to acknowledge the history of it too.

Texas BBQ has it's own history and heritage. Kansas City has it's heritage which came from Tennessee. Memphis barbecue has it's roots in Greek cooking recipes. And Kentucky and much of the rest of the South has it's roots in Virginia barbecue.

I don't fight it. I just enjoy it for what it all is.

You talk about some "change in history" but you provide no citations. Are you just ticked that you have to acknowledge the influence of Virginia in Kentucky or do you have some historical facts to back it up?

I'm waiting for some citations rather than just snide remarks.
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