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Default BBQ Movie

Hey Everyone,

So I'm in the process of writing a screenplay about competitive barbecuing (think Beer Fest meets Talladega Nights). It's a comedy and it involves all these different countries coming to Texas to compete in the World Cue Off. I'm aware something like this already exists in real life (I think Jack Daniels sponsors it?), except I added some other countries into this to make it funnier (China, Russia, Pakistan, etc).

Anyway, my big issue is: How do I make BBQ exciting?

I need to have some intense moments, some suspense, that sort of thing.

For example, once you've prepared a brisket and thrown it in your pit, you have hours and hours before anything really happens.... which can be boring.

I've tried to avoid the actual bbq part in the movie as much as possible, but I obviously need to have it in there.

Anyway, thanks for any help/advice, I really appreciate it.
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