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San Francisco has a wide range of food options for a Super Bowl party. Probably the best known, as mentioned above, would involve crab and sourdough. Crab melts on sliced sourdough are a standard dish. Or crab cioppino with crusty sourdough for dipping. You could also go more ethnic with Mission-style burritos, or Vietnamese banh mi from Little Saigon (in the Tenderloin). We've also got a huge Italian population, so you could go with deli sandwiches (again on sourdough) using any of the many Italian cold-cuts made here (Molinari, Gallo, and Colombus are three traditional local companies for salami, sausage, etc). There's also a million and one Chinese dishes you can make. (I think it was Landarc who put up a char sui recipe this summer that was great.)
If you're more BBQ focused, you can stick with the California staple of tri-tip. Serve it on sourdough bread, and you're in business.
I think you're gonna want to have some SF dishes on your menu, because the Niners are going to CRUSH the Ravens.
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