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All, thanks for the kind words.
Twelvegaugepump: I used a rattle can product called VHT Flameproof. Here is a link:
But, I've gotta say I consider this is a work in progress. The paint goes on kinda weird, almost like a powdercoat dusting then you have to "cure" it per the instructions on the can & link above. I cured by using progressively hotter charcoal fires checked with my infared automotive temp laser gun thing. It was not to hard to hit the temp marks, but I am starting to see a little discoloring after a few long cooks. The blue (not-so-hot surfaces) is just Rustoluem Royal Blue industrial paint that comes in gallons or quart from any big box - we have had good luck with it around the farm. So far so good, I'll try to remember to update my results after some more cookin.
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