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Originally Posted by Slamdunkpro View Post
Sorry we didn't have a chance to chat (or maybe we did).

I thought the vendors got a little bit of the short end. There was no signage pointing out the vendors, and no one from KCBS even came over and said "hi". The vendors I hung out with had never been to one of these events and had no clue as to what was going on. A number of members were very helpful in making them feel welcome but if KCBS wants to continue to encourage new vendors they might want to consider having someone act as a vendor "host" for the new vendors to help them understand who and what we are.
I can see it from both sides. Personally, I bought knives from both vendors, books, a t-shirt and visited with every booth on the vendor side. I did not buy many contest raffle tickets! May not count as just strictly KCBS "host" since I did sorta have a table though I only spent Saturday afternoon there. I was disappointed that the turnout (vendor and public) was not what it was in 2011. Sign of the times, I'm afraid.

Banquet attendance in San Diego was about 280 last year and only 323 in Kansas City. Voter participation was up a bit this year -- 17% last year 18% this year. Both banquet participation and vote percentage show a "core" KCBS member base of about 20% of total numbers.
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