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Originally Posted by jaestar View Post
We were allowed to use commercial sauces and rubs. They just had to be listed as ingredients if the wing won a contest.
We weren't. While I freely admit I didn't put much effort into the contest when I competed @ Pleasantville last year, I was given the rules that are below.

Originally Posted by Goddahavit View Post
Not that it matters, I am happy for the finalists, and I look forward to trying some of the recipes,

apparently we have different definitions of commercial sauces and rubs.
I took:
"the Recipe does not contain any brand name products, except those owned by Sponsor"

so commercial rubs and sauces and anything else not homemade or owned by tyson would not be allowed.
I admit, I do not know what tyson owns.

But anyway, I think it is a great contest and I am glad for the finalist.
I agree, think its a cool contest and am happy for the finalists. This seems to be another one of the things that sort of "evolved" as this contest went along. I too am not sure what Tyson owns, however I'd be willing to wager dinner they dont own Big Poppa's or Texas Pepper Jelly.
I understand they are also having trouble with people outside the US having difficulty voting which is probably troubling to the Canadian finalist. Again not a dig, just another thing I hope they would work out if they continue thus contest.
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