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Originally Posted by Hawg Father of Seoul View Post
I am glad people like the class.

60 people is a stupid number. Sure it keeps the hero worship at a high and makes guys forget they are Bbq nerds, but too many for real learning.

We would sue a public school for half that many kids in a classroom and this is only @20 hours.
Well, he has a staff of 20 people working there as well each table has one of his cook teams with them as well has he comes to each table while your doing prep. From someone that has been to the class I could say that I had as much 1:1 time and i wanted as well as he had open Q&A with him after each second of prep, meat and meal... I would ask people that have actually been to the class for their perspective on 1 on 1 time and I believe you will get the same opinion as myself.

My daughter sits in a college class with 100's of people in it so I guess it just depends on your learning style. Class might not be for everyone - it is expensive and it's the middle of nowhere, you might night like a TV persona or you might just not think you need it. All fair points - for me it will be something I never forget, well worth the money and great that I made new local friends.
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