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Originally Posted by Peddler View Post
I have read that some have put an oil absorbent in the bottom then just vacuum out.

Now I have a question;

Will Lump (instead of Kingsford briquets) solve an ash choke problem on a long burn or do I need to change the basket bottom to a grate instead of #9 X 3/4 expanded?

The brisket I did yesterday turned out great but had some problems with the charcoal. Some my fault (started to hot and had trouble keeping the temp down) then about 1/2 way thru the smoke it seemed I had trouble getting the temp up and this morning it appeared to have an ash choke inside the basket.


Thanks for asking mine. I wonder if a kitty litter type material would work down there, instead of making some intricate system to catch drippings.

As for your question.. I had my UDS going for 16 hours the other day while testing the new PID, with Kingsford Lump, no issues with choking. How long of a smoke did you have this issue?
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