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Default Chikin squat shots

I have read all the pig shot threads.They look TASTEE. I made Chikin squat shots in honor of congress and our beloved leader(Pres) which seem to not do squat but get richer while we wither away.+\\\\\\\\\\\> em!!!! Behold Chikin squat Obama shots.They were AWFUL!!!! Used Michelle O's authorized healthy Chikin/asagio/spinach sausage(puke)!Wasted some good grits and homemade bacon.Just sayin.......Be careful what you vote for!!!!!!! This WILL NOT be in any throw down.Maybe throw down the sink.

Grits with butta,S&P,cream cheese,slap yo mamma,homemade sweet heet(jalapeņo relish).

Chikin sausage

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