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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
Pour some TQ to it next time and quit cryin about the smoke ring!
Lol it's funny how people say that smoke ring don't matter, but when they don't got one, it's all "where is my smoke ring!" and when they got a good one it's all heavenly, so apparently the smoke ring does matter. Now if you can just convince them dang kcbs judges otherwise. Seemingly they teach people that smoke rings are bad

One...that picture about using the KBB and pecan is EXACTLY what I got. \

Two the quote above is my favorite quote of all time. Made me laugh cuz thats exactly how I feel. betrayed by my body and betrayed by the apparent loss of my BBQ mojo Voo Doo.

Its not like a pork butt, which as everyone knows,l I can pull out of cryovac, slap and the bone magically falls out.

for truefunk

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