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Jesus, its like I said "PBC Smokers suck."

The "electric cooker look" I referred to is MY brisket cook today, not your's.

Apparently you are VERY sensitive about your stuff. I am eliminating variables and no... I do not have to look elsewhere... I can, as you know, make one call on this bagphone and the three men with laser scopes parked outside your home at all hours will get out of their 87 Crown Vic and bust your door down, and rifle through your papers and documents at will and there is nothing, not a damn thing you can do about it!!!!!

Seriously, regarding the smoke ring I think it could have been the Balsamic Vinegar or soy??? neither of which you use nor I have never used on a brisket. I have used charcoal and pecan, know the temp of my brisket when it went in, the rub hasn't changed, I ALWAYS do a 200 degree two hour smoke to set the ring.... I just found it weird. It even could be those three things... all so dark together, that blocked the ring.

So no.... if you value your life... I won't look elsewhere and unless you help me figure this out Bo.... well... there is always the discipline of bullets and lasers to persuade you.

Ahhhh... I still got it!

I think the red tinge passed the fat cap was weird as I rarely get that.

Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
Here is a Blackhawk brisket cooked on my Keg which is basically an insulated UDS. Nice smoke ring. Doesn't look like it was cooked in an electric cooker to me.

So, it's possible to get a good smoke ring with the BH recipe. This is my latest BH brisket cooked on my Jambo. Nice smoke ring all around.

This is the first chunk of beef I cooked on my UDS. It had a very wide smoke ring.

I think you should look elsewhere for the problem. But, I know that if anyone can fix the problem you experienced this time, you are the man for that job.

So, fix it already!

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