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Default New Smoker Test Drive

After finishing a project I started in June I finally got to give it a test drive.

I Put on a 11lb packer brisket on at 6am and struggled with keeping the temp steady at 260 for the first 3 hrs since I wasnt used to an offset. I started the fire using charcoal and mesquite and then used 100 percent mesquite wood. I have been using a UDS for the last 2 years.
At 10:45 I put the the brisket in an aluminum pan and covered it with foil. By this time I had figured out how to set thedampers and how large of fire to keep in the box.

At 1pm I put on 2 racks of spares. Temp was around 270 ish for the rest of the cook. At 2pm I checked the internal temp of the brisket and it was 187. At 3pm I checked it it was 192 and also at this time I wrapped the ribs in foil. I checked the internal temp again at 4:15 it is was 195. It stayed that way till I took it off at 5:45 making the total cook time just shy of 12hrs. The point probed uasy and the flat didnt pobe just real easy but I'm just not sure what real easy is exactly. I let it rest for 1:45 minutes in the pan with the juices, which almost ran over the side of the pan. I drained the juice and started cutting. The smoke ring was massive but it was dry and tough.


I let the ribs cook wrapped for 2 hrs. They literally fell apart when trying to take them out of the foil.
Any insight of what I may have done wrong I would appreciate any advise and criticism. I'll post a pick of the cooker on the very next post so Ya'll can see what type of cooker I'm using because I dont know how to post pics with the computer, just my phone using tapatalk. Yeah I'm an idiot!
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