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Default Jack’s Old South BBQ School Review – My weekend at Myron Mixon’s House

I read a lot of things on this and other fourms about Myron's Cook School and the price as well as attendance being down. I will say that a lot of his recipes are in his book as some said and they guy sitting next to me (there were over 60 people in the class and it was sold out as well as the class I missed which they were nice enough to let me come to the next one) had the book and some things are the close but a lot are updated. Was it worth $750 - if you look at the fact that he spend over $5000 just on Wagu briskets for the whole class as well as shoulder, butt, ribs and chicken as well as all they fed you and you were able to drink (yeah he had kegs) along with the experience and questions your were able to ask.

I am a photographer and I took a ton of pictures as well but I will give you a quick view of what my review of the class was:

I will say that all my experimenting and everything else really didn’t pan out as well as once I started to watch BBQ Pitmasters on TLC… I’m sure many of us didn’t know as much as we do since the introduction of that show or at least I’m willing to admit it!! I have had an electric smoker and then purchased a Big Green Egg when I started trying to get more serious. I wanted to learn a little more about controlling a fire and getting the amount of smoke into my meat that I wanted which with an electric smoker is much easier and since I will never compete I will tell you that a really good electric smoker could be in my future. I really like the Jack’s Old South line and I would invest and was most likely going to do it until I really just thought about the costs and space commitment that it will require for me. I don’t have enough space or need for the size that is but who knows…. with me I could end up getting one someday. My main problem with the egg is cook space… I have the large and even considered getting an extra large as well but the problem really is just the cook space… I know there are several ways to extend and so forth… this is not a story about the egg.
I became a KCBS Certified BBQ judge and have traveled all over the country including Mesquite, NV for Grilling in Mesquite, which was a highlight for me. I was hopping my mug would get on TV but not sure I ever saw it. Having the ability to meet Myron, Johnny, Tuffy and many others on the show and some that aren’t including Ray Lumpier / DR. BBQ is always a treat and I will tell you that they are not what they seem on TV at all. Some are nicer and some aren’t at all! Myron is nothing like his TV persona or at least not as you would think from an approachability perspective – he is very approachable, takes pictures with everyone, and talks to anyone and laughs and jokes. Sure he wants to win and his cocky about it but heck when you have won as much as him and you continue to… WHY NOT BE!

Here is the rest of the article if you would like to read more:

Personally - it was worth the money to me of just making two new friends in Tampa that our families have become friends and cook together. That alone as well as the food was amazing experience.
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