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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
If' you have to baby sit it your not doing something right. I set mine and walk away the only time I have a big temp flucation is when it is running out of fuel at about 20 hrs up or down 10 is tolerable over the course of a cook.
Don't get me wrong... my UDS is spot on as far as I can tell where the therm is.... 210 when I set it at 8:30, 208 when went to bed, 207 when I woke up at 4, cranked it to 230.... near that range at 8 in the am.

Still holding now at 170-180 with the briskey in it.

So the only reason I was up was because Phil said it would be ready. It wasn't ... I had it set that low because I was worried about temp versus being over the fire, so.... it wasn't ready, but I am damn sure glad I think I wrapped it as it may have dried a bit. I need a stack.

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