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I light robot with a weed burner' using k blue, cowboy, or ,mesquite. I light about a 5x5" area leave the two intakes open (1" pipe and 1" ball valve), put the flat lid on that fits tight with the 2 1/2" exhaust wide open.

I wait for it to hit 200 or so, brush the grill and install food.

Wait again for 200/225 and close the ball valve or cap the pipe nipple depending on what is cooking.

Beef needs ball 1/2 open, pipe capped to hold 225.

Chicken /turkey without skin can need cap off plus 1/2 open ball valve.

Closing exhaust and both intakes will put out the fire in no time.

Air control is the key to holding temp. Cooking is just time / temp balancing.

Check for leaks?

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