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It sounds like you're after plastic boards you can run through the dishwasher. There are places to custom order size / thickness / edging / etc. They can get pricey quick for small quantities especially if you get a lot of custom options, but still, it's out there if you really need a specific size. WebRestaurantStore,, probably others.

The best prices I've seen on plastic / nylon was at the local restaurant supply store, maybe there's one in your area?

Knives are tougher, I don't know of any decent quality steel knives you can dishwasher clean. I have the mid-range Wustofs and love them (Gourmet line). Had a Global in the past and wow, it was awesome, but a pain to get sharpened properly because of the way they're edged. Victorinox are often highly rated and very inexpensive if you go with the fibrox grips instead of the rosewood. Check Amazon. Knives are highly personal. Do you prefer a heavy, German knife or a lighter Japanese style?

Afterthought: if you look into Victorinox, know that their filet / trimming knives come in varying grades of blade flexibility, which is not listed clearly on Amazon. If you're after a certain stiffness or flexibility, you may want to go to the Victorinox website and get the model number you prefer and double check it's the same before you order.
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