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Default Temp control on Backwoods... Advice?

Hello, Brethren! Looking for some advice, especially from the BWS owners of the group, on controlling temps on these smokers. I recently got my Backwoods Competitor, which has been turning out some great Q, but I'm having difficulty keeping the temps down around 225 or so. Running a full load of Wicked Good briquettes, I start the back-left corner of the box with a few lit briqs from a charcoal chimney starter and gradually bring it up to around 210 with both vents and exhaust open. Once it's just below my target temp (225), I close the intake vents down to about a 1/4" each, per the instructions that came with it. Meat goes in, the temp resettles, but over the next few hours it gradually keeps rising... 250....260. I close one vent and dial back the exhaust halfway, which seems to temporarily slow the rise, but within a few hours its at 260-280-300, and I can't get it back down. I look in the firebox, and it's lit from end to end... Not exactly the minion-method burn I expect. This has happened a few times now. BWS's have the reputation for solid temp control, so what am I doing wrong? Do I need a charcoal maze mod? Guru / Stoker? No problem with either of those options, but I want this thing to hold 225 on its own... Thanks in advance for your help!

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