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Default effect of cold meat to smoker temps

Topic says it all, was trying out the clay saucer method with a foil gasket for the charcoal bowl, as last time temps were really high and couldnt be dropped. This time, temp control via the bottom vents was responsive so i was happy. I only threw some lump in there for the test, but as temps stabilized at 240 it just so happened that i had 3 racks in the freezer...:)

Out they go and in the smoker after defrosting.... by the time i pop the lid, throw them on and close it back up, the damn thing wouldnt get past 200, so had to fire up another half chimney to give it some boost. It was again happily stable at 240 but with all vents half way open, vs running at 240 with only one of them cracked and less charcoal...

puzzling, how much drop would you say cold meat contributes to, and how much extra heat is really required?

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