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Originally Posted by chriscw81 View Post
You'll be back to hot and fast before you know it Sent from my Nexus using Tapatalk 2

Well.... I have not tasted or even sliced it yet. Now in this video you hear me mention the "heat."

My Rub combination is optimized for my purposes, which was full blown no wrap until its done and ready for resting.

Because of the nature of the smoker (I have not added a diverter yet) I decided it would be best to wrap it. This keep the black pepper from transforming into that earthy flavor. So, it retained a lot of its heat. Not a bad thing just different. I probably will tweak the Tri rub blends for UDS.

I can see me putting this same brisket on at 7 AM at 270, wrapping in paper at maybe noon, doing a rest/cook at 220 until 3, then 170 rest for serving at 5 or 6. But then again, the UDS is variable and not a pre-set job so you can do that. I really like my one inch pipes too.

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