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Originally Posted by ColdFyre View Post
Blu... thanks for the advise. I am wondering though about the wrapping. Last one I did I didn't foil and it came out really dry. I'm paranoid about it doing the same thing. Granted there was no fatcap to speak of that time. Are you suggesting that I don't foil/towel/cooler it for a few hours after it gets to about 190ish? (Ie, pull it off to let it rest for 30 or so after it gets 'probe tender'?)

Sorry for all the questions, but there are so many methods... I'm so confused! :)
If you feel more comfortable wrapping go ahead lack of a Fat Cap will lead to it drying out. I cook 1 of 2 ways neked or I wrap in Butcher paper at the 4 hr mark and cook until probe tender( I don't do temps, very unreliable, the probe never lies!
If you foil it once you have it off the fire stick your thermo probe in it sit it on the counter top( Put a Sheet pan under it, Foil leaks) and let it rest until the temp drops into the 150's before slicing. If you cook it neked put it on a sheet pan put the probe in it and tent with foil untill it gets into the 150's. Don't cut more than you need as it will get dry on you when you refrigerate any left overs,As the meat cools it tightens up and pushes out the juices the smaller the piece the drier it will get.
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