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I've tried the snake method in my kettles a few times recently and really like it. My own best luck has been to make the snake three briquettes wide and two layers deep with smoking wood laying along the top (dry). I started the snake with 7 fully ashed-over coals and both bottom and upper vents wide open to start. About 40 or 50 degrees below my target temp I close bottom to half and continue to "brake" the temp climb with top vents until it parks. For me that hits at 250 to 275 on a 22.5" Weber. I thought it was easier to hit 225 by only making my snake two briquettes across and two deep and igniting with 5 lit coals rather than trying to choking off a larger fire by turning the vents lower. I agree with those who suggest it's better to adjust your cook to whatever temperature your cooker settles in at rather than fuss with the vents trying to hit your ideal number right on the nose.

Sounds like a great contest, pix when it happens?
Thanks. Will absoultely post pics when it happens - June 9, 2013
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