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Default Noob brisket Weber kettle!

Whelp, I visited a local meat market and had 'em cut me off an 8lb chunk 'o brisket. It's not a 'packer' as far as I can tell, I'm pretty new to this so I'm gonna trust my meat guy to gimme something I can work with. It looks like mostly a flat. (I hate being ignorant... but hell, I can only take in so much at a time :) )

I'm going to trim off most of the fat cap (leave about 1/8 to 1/4").
Then tomorrow AM I'll set up a Snake for the kettle and start it going.
I have 4 woods to choose from. Cherry, apple, red oak and citrus. Any general preference? (no hickory or mesquite at this time)

My general plan:
tonight: trim
Tomorrow AM:season (gonna go basic with just salt, pepper, granulated garlic and onion)
Light the fire and get it to about 250-275 (drip pan under meat, water pan near fire)
Meat on, fat side up.
Monitor temp for a whole mess of hours and mop once in a while (figuring this thing will weigh about 7lbs after I trim it. If I do 250(ish) for 1.5 hrs a #, that puts me at 10.5 hours ('till it's done!).
I plan on wrapping it once it hits about 160ish. Then taking it off once it probes soft, then wrap in towels and cooler it for another couple of hours.

If you have any comments about the method or pix of the meat, I'd be most appreciative! (please!! :) I need all the help I can get, my last one was a disaster!)

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