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Originally Posted by aawa View Post
I had been using Royal Oak because it was cheap. People on here commented saying that Cowboy used scrap wood, rocks, and other foreign debris in the bag. The last 2 bags of Royal Oak that I have bought at Restaurant Depot at the same time (currently 1/2 way through the second bag) had pieces that looked like scrap wood (trim and 2x2 and 2x4) along with some insulation pieces, and a lot more dust than in previous bags I have used.

My next purchase I am debating if I want to try Cowboy or go spendy and get Wicked Good Weekend Warrior.
I haven't been using lump that long. My last bag of RO had a sizable chunk of cement in it. Like, bigger than my fist. Which is a decent percentage of the total bag weight. Also tons of marble-sized pieces and dust. I just picked up three more bags of RO and if it seems to be the trend I think I'll try both Wicked Good and Cowboy, although I was bummed this morning I couldn't find Wicked Good on the Ace website any more. I hope it's just a seasonal lag because if the price is decent I'll ship-to-store a bunch of it.
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