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Originally Posted by Hawg Father of Seoul View Post
Okay, if you got chops... Grab the shanks and do an osso bucco. Brine first with some juniper berries and mace. Finish by frying in the leaf lard.

Key is that the shank is worked differently than on a pig with a large ham. With the large ham the "movement" of the pig is dominated by a "drive" from the rear end.

They also have incredible jowls. Make a grunicale for your antipasti.
Got an email in to see if the farm will part with some jowls. Leaning toward doing a porchetta with the loin and one of the bellies, obviously one of the bellies will be converted into bacon. Going to slice off 6 oz hunks when it comes out of the cure and sous vide those then finish them on a flame grill.
You're a wealth of info, thank you.
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