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Default My simple PBC review.

This is just a simple review of the PBC that I purchased and the ease of it. I considered a uds but honestly did not want another project I have too many around the house as it is. So here is the review.

I order with the grilling discount and receive my new cooker in 4 days, I already had planned to do my FIRST brisket so I was prepared. Set up was honestly idiot proof. If you can open a box and cut through some tape you've mad it past the hardest part. Total time from opening box to meat on and cooking was about 30 minutes, could have saved a couple minutes but had to grab a beer I cannot express how simple this thing is.. Is it a wsm? No it isn't so lets get that out of the way.. This thing cooks SOLID at 280-290 degrees which I like to cook at.. Ive done the low and slow and I like the time difference with a little more heat so this works perfect for me.. other might not like to cook that high but I do. Lets get back to the simplicity of this the process of getting started with this thing is not IKEA dresser assembly difficult more like throwing clothes into the dryer it is that easy. I mean you dump charcoal into the pre-measured bin, add lighter fluid, insert into cooker and put a match to it and return in 20 minutes.. THAT IS IT!! not rocket science. I set up and put my brisket on hanging of course and trust me I had my doubts! so away I went armed only with a toothpick waiting for my probe test.. it was a 12-13 lb packer and trimmed I guess haha I have never even looked at brisket before.. about 5-6 hours later I have the brisket in the cooler resting and my friends and I thought it was delicious!! there were 5 of us and honestly the brisket was all but one for and not much left over..

I know this is not a wsm,uds,ceramic cooker.. and honestly I knew that buying it. But i didn't realize the big drawn out discussion that would lead to on here. Im not putting down any other cooker as myself I have 3 webers and an akorn. Just a simple review of a product that looked dummy proof and a product I didnt have to baby sit at all and that pushed me to purchase it. Here are pictures!!

And yes I know I did not correctly trim and separate the brisket I realize that know but since that was my first on Ididnt car and honeslty no one else did either.. But now I know haha!
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