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Hi Everyone,

I know many of you, including myself, were having issues with connecting the CyberQ Wifi to our iPads and iPhones that were on iOS6 and in Ad-hoc mode. I know for me, I want it to work in Ad-Hoc mode because I won't have an Internet connection or setup a router at the competition site.

I found a solution to get around the connectivity error!
Once you connect to the CyberQ Wifi, go into the Wifi settings on the mobile device, select the the CyberQ, and go to the additional/advanced settings. Select 'Static', set it to a static IP, say IP Address and Subnet Mask, reboot the iPad and/or iPhone and they were able to connect with no issue.

If you still can't connect, let me know and we can chat and see if we can figure it out.
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